Robot Peels Skin Off Of Grapes And Will Perform Your Next Surgery

This is the Da Vinci Surgical System. It’s a robot that does surgery on humans. Here it is folding a paper airplane and here it is playing operation. And, uhhhh, I HATE THIS THING! Robots should NOT be doing surgery. HUMANS should barely be doing surgery! I do understand that robots can be even more precise than a human because they are robots and don’t have to get distracted by thinking about how disgusting everything they’re doing is, but what if something goes wrong? What if someone accidentally spills water on it and it malfunctions and slices you all up on the inside and outside and then kills all the doctors around it and then goes on a murder spree throughout the entire rest of the hospital? JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE SPILLED WATER ON IT? No thanks! I’ll take my chances with a human who can only maybe drop a scalpel inside of your body or just mess up somehow. At least the rest of the hospital is safe. This looks absolutely clunky and terrifying, even though it is peeling a grape very gently. 

I do prefer my grapes peeled, though. And frozen. I would like to have this for the purpose of peeling grapes and then placing them in the freezer for me, that would be perfect. (Via Neatorama.)