The Thing About Baby Tedster

I have a complicated relationship with Baby Tedster. I liked this video of him dancing to Michael Jackson. I LOVED the video of him fishing, and I quote it pretty much all the time. “Can you touch ‘em?” “He’s beauuuutiful.” (They’re both very good quotes that everyone always just GETS.) But the thing about Baby Tedster is that, you know: What the HECK, Baby Tedster’s parents? I’ve watched pretty much all of his videos on YouTube because I’m the worst, and lots of them include his parents (his dad specifically, I don’t want to name names, but it’s his dad specifically) kind of coaching him on the cute things they want him to do for the video. For example, in this video of him kissing a girl. Or in this video of him singing a Justin Bieber song. And of course I do enjoy the cuteness that the coaching allows, I’m not a heartless hate robot, but also it makes me feel very gross! How dare you coach your child to be cute and then force me to watch 25 videos of it because I can’t resist his big adorable head and his cute little voice and oddly on-point observations! I only imagine Mr. Tedster pouring over hours of beautifully shot home video, throwing out the majority that is not cute enough for his Baby Tedster YouTube channel. Gross, Mr. Tedster. Can’t you just enjoy Baby Tedster privately? Phrased in a way that dosen’t sound gross? With all of that said, though: Here is a video of Baby Tedster talking about Justin Bieber’s haircut!

Awwwww. His hair IS round! You’re so cute, Baby Tedster. I’m sorry I’m so down on your dad all the time. (But also, would you like me to adopt you? Your dad seems very weird and like he wants you to be famous so he can make money off of your cuteness and PROBABLY he wants to do weird stuff with that money. So please let me know if you’d like me to adopt you. I live in an apartment in Brooklyn and the kitchen doesn’t have a microwave and my room is kind of the size of a walk-in closet, but it’s very close to the park. Do you like parks? Baby Tedster?) (Via BuzzFeed.)