Thursday Night TV Open Thread

How good does it feel to be back in our old routines, guys? The weather’s getting more miserable, our homes are getting more inviting, and our TVs are getting much more watchable. The circle of life. Last night was all-around PRETTY GOOD, I thought. I didn’t really love Community. I mean, I always love Community, but the thing with Jeff and Annie seemed a little too forced? Like, you know, that’s not REALLY the relationship they’ve always had — Jeff hasn’t ever really treated her that way, really. And I know it’s a comedy and who cares, but it seemed like they were giving me the hard sell on something that I just wasn’t ready to buy. Oh well. Abed was great when he said he farted so whatever. (Also, MARTIN STARR!) Parks and Recreation was probably my favorite for the night. Ron was top notch, Entertainment 720 was top notch, drunk Leslie was the toppest notch. It was a good episode that didn’t really further along much of the plot, except for the Tammy side plot, but did provide some great times. Who can’t love it. The Office was good. I don’t know. Too much bland feel good and not enough LOLs for me on that show these days. Not that I don’t LOVE feel good, because I do. But unfortunately, like I said last week, I’m kind of over it. Though I did love with Mindy Kaling said “that’s a tablecloth,” soooo. Whitney was a delight, as always. Just kidding. [Laugh track.] I only watched some of it because please give me a break [laugh track], and the some of it that I did watch was pretty bad. [Laugh track.] It’s Always Sunny was my second favorite of the night. Very close to being my first favorite but it didn’t quite get there. Some very good child pageant commentary that our nation NEEDS, and also our nation needs more Charlie singing. SO WHAT DID YOU GUYS THINK?