Is This The Baseball Thing That Everyone Is Talking About?

I’m not a big sports girl, but I do understand that something happened in sports last night. I’m not trying to brag. It just happens that, first, I walked by a restaurant last night that had a group of people standing outside of it. They were watching baseball on the TV through the window and they were really jazzed about something that was going on. Second, people were saying things on Twitter about it and I have a Twitter account. Again, not trying to brag. But I definitely understand that a thing happened — and I’m not even trying to joke around here, I have almost no idea what the thing was — and people were I guess upset by it? But mostly surprised, and some of them were happy? Twitter is generally where I get all my news so I’m pretty good at reading into reactions on it, and I think that pretty much covers it. Sooo, uhhh, is this the thing that happened? Is this why everyone’s talking about baseball? If so, I COMPLETELY understand because this is NUTS. (UGH!) (BUT LOL!)

It’s times like these, when everyone in the country gathers around a sports moment like this, that I really feel like I’m maybe missing out by not knowing anything about sports. This is just fun. Swiiiiing batterbatterbatter! Who’s on first! Get your hotdogs! BASEBALL! (Via Reddit.)