Patti Stanger Refuses To Rest Her Case!

Last weekend, Patti Stanger, whoever that is, made some untoward comments on Andy Cohen’s Bravo talkshow, Watch What Nightmares Live. Namely, she said that gay people cannot maintain monogamous relationships and that Jewish men lie. Since then, she has clarified her comments by saying she was only talking about gay men in Los Angeles (?!?!?!). She has not apologized to the Jews (of Los Angeles?). At this point, it would be in Patti Stanger’s best interest to rest her case, but she has taken the unusual legal tactic of just spewing out more nonsense. From CBS News:

[On the Joy Behar Show, Stanger said] “But the gay men, they whip it out at eye lock. They get involved and they find out later if they want a serious relationship.”

Behar said, “Here’s where I think you went wrong, when you make it sound as if all gays are like that. If you said all blacks, all Chinese, all women, anything, it would get you in trouble.”

Wait, so in order to defuse people’s complaints that her comments were derogatory towards gay people she said “The gay men, they whip it out at eye lock”?! Holy cow! They are going to be studying this one at the University of Chicago Law School for years. That is some Bobby Fischer Game 6 level shit right there. Stanger also went on to say that she was the first person to support gay marriage on television, which seems like a pretty legitimate and factually accurate claim that I’m sure is very true. I kind of hope this ends. Your girlfriend is amaaaaazzzzing.