What Should Dane Cook Call His New Sitcom?

The weirdest thing about the news that Dane Cook is developing a sitcom for NBC is that Dane Cook wasn’t already developing a sitcom for NBC. No joke, how has that not been a thing already? The greatest show on TV, Dane Cook’s Tourgasm, was years ago! It’s definitely time. America is ready. Schwing! (Does Dane Cook have a catchphrase? I don’t know! Does he? Is his catchphrase just some kind of farting sound effect?) From Deadline:

Dane Cook is heading to NBC to headline his own network comedy series. Amid interest from multiple networks, the actor-comedian has signed a development deal with NBC for a half-hour project targeted for next fall. Cook will star in the comedy and produce through his SUperFInger Entertainment banner.

Obviously, this is just a development deal, so we are still a long way off from the male answer to Whitney (#1 show in America, such a good show, the best show?). But we’ll be one step closer when we figure out a name for this thing!

  • Whitney, I Mean Dane
  • That’s So Daneven
  • Dane Cook’s Sitcomgasm
  • Superfinger And Family
  • Meet The Cooks
  • One In The Pink Two In The Garage
  • Entourage

Oof. I now offer the Dane Cook sitcom a challenge: be funnier than this blog post. Please. You can maybe do it! This is a really terrible blog post! You don’t even have to be funny to be funnier than this. Make it work, Dane Cookers.