Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Have you ever wondered how sketch groups you like got their names? Not really? Not really but you’d certainly welcome the information anyway? Great! -Splitsider
  • Paul Feig talks about his embarrassing first kiss on this website for teens I think? I’m not sure what this website is but you should read the story, it’s great. -Rookie
  • Frank Lesser is a writer for the Colbert Report and also he has a book that came out today called Sad Monsters, and you should buy it. I already bought it on my Kindle, so I win? But you can come in second, I guess. Look at the website for it. —> -Sad Monsters
  • Have you ever thought, “Hey, where are the actors from The Wire now?” But then you didn’t look it up because you kind of forgot that you were curious about it? Well, problem solved! -HuffPost
  • This has been going around the internet today, and I apologize if you get sucked into it and then have to watch this whole ten minute thing and then you’re late for something, but here is Kristen Wiig and “the longest argument ever” from I think the extras section of the Bridesmaids DVD. -TheDailyWhat
  • Do you love John Mulaney yet? SNL writer and comedian and guy who gives pretty much the best interviews on the internet? Yes? I think I only heard yeses. Right? Yeses? Well in the case that there are a few nos that I’m missing, here is an AV Club interview with him. -AVClub
  • Are comedians funnier when they’re fat, asks Salon? I don’t think so but I do think they’re funnier when they are funnier comedians. -Salon
  • Who has the best Snow White hair, Lilly Collins or Kristen Stewart? Neither? Annie Clarke does? I agree! -Celebuzz
  • Drive set to Music Other Than The Music That Was In Drive. -FilmDrunk
  • Former mobster Lewis Kasman doesn’t think John Travolta is manly enough to play John Gotti. But if he isn’t then WHO EVEN IS?? -Movieline
  • Matthew Morrison is going to direct an episode of Glee! For some reason I really feel the need to talk about Glee today idk. -JustJared