Disney World Dance-y Marriage Proposal Is I GUESS Not That Bad

Ugh, public marriage proposals. I’ve talked about it before, but to reiterate: I think any form of a public marriage proposal is a bad idea. From doing it in a restaurant and making the waitress not know how to act when she comes back to the table, to doing it in front of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center while making everyone around you feel awkward, to choreographing a dance to perform at Disney World while everyone around you films it with their telephones — all bad ideas. Go home! Or if you mustn’t be home, at least be quiet! Who are you trying to impress? ME? ALL OF US? THE WAITRESS? Well, we’re not impressed. People fall in love and get married to each other all the time. It’s beautiful but also who cares. With that said, though, this person who choreographed a dance to do at Disney World did at least a pretty good job with the choreographing? And even though I really hated him at the beginning (“All right, so!”), I thought it was pretty cute at the end? I don’t know. Maybe I’m growing soft in my old age, which is what she said. But you can make your own judgements.

Still totally against it, obviously. And if this were my boyfriend I’d be so embarrassed and I’d be like, WE ARE NOT GETTING MARRIED I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU WOULD EMBARRASS ME LIKE THIS JUST SO PEOPLE WOULD TALK ABOUT IT ON THE INTERNET YOU HUGE JERK I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU DID THIS TO ME — TO US!!! But that’s just me. I don’t handle things very well. And this woman seems to have enjoyed it, so whatever. Good job I guess? But also, no, not good job. I rest my case.

(Also, doesn’t this song by Bruno Mars sound like it could easily be a song by Ra Ra Riot? I know that has nothing to do with anything but I heard it on the radio the other day and was like whoa this sounds like it could easily be a song by Ra Ra Riot. Right? Hello?) (Thanks for the tip, Werttrew.)