Whoever Patti Stanger Is, She Needs To Rest Her Case

Patti Stanger, the host of Millionaire Matchmaker, appeared on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Trainwreck Live over the weekend and said inflammatory things about gays and Jews. In particular, she said that gay men cannot be monogamous and that Jewish men “lie.” Hahahah. Uhhhhh. What? To be honest, I kind of think gay men got the better deal on this one, because that is so patently ridiculous that it doesn’t even make any sense. The United States of America is currently strongly divided over the issue of gay marriage, and it is not because the concept of a gay monogamous relationship is completely impossible to even conceptualize. What a fucking idiot this Patti Stanger is, whoever she is. But Jewish men “lie” is a tougher one to get around. Not really sure what’s going on with that one. Lie about what? Also, what? Just all around, what? Ms. Stanger, do you need someone to talk to? (It is worth noting that Andy Cohen is both gay and Jewish. LOL. Congrats again on giving yourself a talk show on your own network, sir.) Anyway, she has FINALLY broken her legendary silence and issued the following apology (from the Hollywood Reporter):

“It’s true LA gays toughest nuts to crack to monogamy!” she tweets. She then writes, “Attn male Gays: I support you & my comment on WWHL was to a LA guy who can’t find commitment.”

Phew. Got it. So gay men in LOS ANGELES ONLY cannot be monogamous. Good apology! Millionaire APOLOGYMAKER. What the fuck all kind of apology is this?! For one thing, no. Like, not even just that this is obviously a lie and total nonsense, but she told Andy Cohen “You know this. You’re gay,” to his face on the show, so clearly no. But also, she is saying that the reason there are no gay men who can be monogamous in response to gay men who want to be monogamous? Ugh. I cannot even wrap my mind around how dumb this is. Meanwhile, still no apology or even explanation whatsoever on the whole Jewish men “lie” thing. REST YOUR CASE, PATTI STANGER! You don’t want to be tied up in Asshole Court for the rest of your life, do you? You asshole?