Hey, Why Not Watch Some Breaking Bad Audition Tapes?

These Breaking Bad audition tapes, featuring Anna Gunn, Betsy Brandt, Dean Norris, and Aaron Paul have been floating around for a bit of time now, I think. But hey, I had never seen them before I did just recently. So maybe you haven’t seen them either? I apologize if you HAVE seen them, kind of, but really relax. We only have two episodes left in this season of Breaking Bad so why not soak in every Breaking Bad thing we find on the internet until then? (Also, nothing’s going on today. That’s kind of an insider’s tip, and I’d like to sweep it under the rug pretty much right now, but just between you and me that is the truth.) So let’s watch these. Everyone is pretty much great in them, except Aaron Paul? Who IS great, duh of course, but also AARON WHY DO YOU LOOK LIKE THAT? Jeepers creepers! You look, honestly, horrible. I’m so glad someone with some sense was able to see the diamond in the hair rough.

Anna Gunn:

Dean Norris:

Betsy Brandt:

Aaron Paul:

Hahah, poor Anna Gunn. Maybe that is NSFW? Should I have said that was NSFW? In any case, I like the character of Skyler more in that audition tape than I ever have in the series. Hank and Maire are perfect, no doy. Jesse obviously looks terrible. What I’d be interested to see, really, would be REJECTED audition tapes. Especially if they were from actors that I know. Is that legal to distribute? Why doesn’t anyone ever distribute those? These actors embody these roles so fully it’d be interesting to see what other possibilities there were. You know? HELLO? HOLLYWOOD DVD EXTRA MANUFACTURERS? The public has spoken and they want embarrassing tapes of struggling actors who didn’t get parts that they probably were really hoping for! STAT! (Thanks for the tip, Scott!)