Let’s Give Anne Hathaway A More Interesting Catwoman Costume

It seems like every day when you boot up the internet and log on to your homesite there’s a new “behind the scenes” image from the set of The Dark Knight Rises. What gives? There are a few things I don’t understand about this phenomenon:

  1. I understand that people are curious, but this isn’t the first movie people have been curious about. Yet it is one of the few, you at least have to give me “few,” that have been subject to this kind of “we need to know what everything looks like RIGHT NOW” nerd paparazzi internet madness. Right?
  2. Why doesn’t anyone want to be surprised anymore? Guys! You’re ruining it!
  3. Is this in part a way to keep the buzz going for this movie that everyone is obviously going to see when it comes out anyway?

Number four is the most puzzling to me. Uh, guys? Haven’t you seen any of the other movies or been forced to look at any of the comics ever in your life? Haven’t you at least seen what people dress up as for Halloween every year? Everything looks the same except sometimes shinier! The same with the catwoman costume, which I will keep behind this link in case anyone is trying to not see it, which I would respect. What I think the costume needs, though, is a complete reboot. It’s 2011. Let’s get serious, designers. Make it purr’k! 

Now THOSE I would be excited about seeing on every webpage ever. “Can you even believe the new catwoman costume???” “I literally DO NOT believe it.”