Drink Your Coffee Like An Astronaut

Remember when you were a kid and you loved going to the local science museum gift shop and picking up a bag of astronaut ice cream, which was only a disgusting block of edible colored chalk, basically? Back when life was easy, when all you had to do was sleep, eat, learn how to spell, and go to science museums? And when you had a cold people would take care of you and give you medicine, and you didn’t have to wish that a medicine delivery system existed because there’s no way you’re going to a drug store right now because you feel too sick, plus you have a blog to write? Those were the days! So why not take a moment this Monday morning, while you’re sipping your coffee and thinking of the week ahead like the working stiff you are, to relive some of those days. “But would I have to drink my coffee out of a bag, then?” you’re probably wondering. “Isn’t that how astronauts do everything? With bags? Baaaaaags?” NO! You big, foolish dummy. You don’t think astronauts found a way around that? Come on. 

SEE! By wicking the liquid up along the side of the thing, they’re able to drink coffee like a normal person! By sucking it out of a ummmmeerrrrrr ahhhhhh

Oops! He’s right. Still a bag. So I guess DO pour it in a bag? Just pour your coffee in a bag and drink it that way. Maybe you’ll get sent home early. (Via Presurfer.)