Saturday Night Live: Alec Baldwin And Radiohead

Saturday Night Live is back! OH, GREAT! And the season premiere was certainly fine. Although Alec Baldwin has hosted Saturday Night Live a world-record winning 5,000 times, I can’t really say that he is one of my favorite hosts. I hope word does not get back to him about this. Sorry, Alec! But it always kind of seems like it’s going to be a funnier and just plain funner idea than how it turns out being, which is generally kind of lackluster and stumbly. TO ME. You’re all entitled to your own opinions of how Alec Baldwin is as a Saturday Night Live host. But I’m not the biggest fan. Sooo anyway, let’s chat a little about this episode. The cold open wasn’t bad! It was pretty good, I thought, a pretty good parody of our favorite topic: crazy GOP debates. Not as cut throat and merciless as we all would have wanted but what are you going to do. (Also: Herman Cain is going to start using the “I Will Deliver” parody slogan as his ACTUAL campaign slogan? Oh good grief.) And then Steve Martin was there! And he drank pee! I love Steve Martin, even when he isn’t very funny, and the monologue was borderline not very funny (also Seth Rogan?), but it was Steve Martin. So. The episode didn’t really include any “fan favorite” sketches, which was surprising, but it did include a few good ones! (Also a few boring ones that went on for such a long time but UH NO DOY, ALL MY CHILDREN SKETCH!) So let’s talk about those, the good ones.

The cold open, as we already discussed, was pretty good! It went on forever, as is mandatory for SNL cold opens, but I think it was kind of smart enough and funny enough to hold my interest during its 1.5 hours.

I don’t always love when SNL does game show sketches, usually they go on for too long and after you get the one joke it’s like I GET THE ONE JOKE, and this one, “Who’s On Top?”, was kind of exactly the same way except I liked it anyway? I think really the thing that I liked was the explanation of the rules. And then I had to like the rest of it because I liked that part.

One of my favorite SNL things that they do is “screen tests.” THOSE ARE GREAT! I like them because it allows the cast members to do their outdated but still very good impressions in a format that is somewhat relevant, rather than a sketch with a weird guest appearance by someone who was relevant 20 years ago. You know? They’re great.

And there are MORE OF THEM that didn’t make it on air!

Also, I liked “Red Flag.” Not too long. Funny joke. Kristen Wiig. Great!

I don’t think there were too many horrible sketches, but I do kind of think that the rest of them were pretty boring. Like the newscaster delay sketch? And the child psychologist sketch? AND THE WARTIME SKETCH? The one joke + 45 minutes format is something that has worked for SNL for five million years, so I guess why fix something that is still making you money, but at least make it a better joke. That is all I’m saying.