Insane Reconstruction Of Movies From Brain Activity Measured Using fMRI Software

Uhhhh, soooo, this is absolutely crazy? By using fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) software, researchers at UC Berkley have basically created a way for us to eventually watch our dreams and solve all the crimes? Something like that? I cannot explain this so here is Engaget explaining it:

Scientists show subjects random clips and measure the corresponding cerebral activity. After the computer “learns” what vids evoke what brain activity, scientists feed 18 million seconds of random YouTube videos into the computer program where it reconstructs a movie representation of neural happenings based on the hundred clips most similar to what it sees.

This is nuts. Also, I am afraid of this? What if they use it to read all of my thoughts? I don’t want anyone to know all of my thoughts! THEY ARE ALL VERY WEIRD! Here, watch the video, I can’t even talk about this anymore:

So. Uh. What are your thoughts on this? HOLD ON DON’T ANSWER THAT LET ME JUST GET MY MAGNET. (Via Engaget.)