The CW Is Developing A Show Based On Musical Chairs

Ah, it’s an exciting time to be a television fan! Living in television’s golden age, like we do. Only nonstop good ideas from everyone getting thrown around. And really when you’re trying to come up with a very good idea, it’s best to think simply. Don’t overthink. Just ask yourself, What do people like? People like games. People like reality. People like childhood. People like sitting. People like one person feeling left out when they cannot sit. People like “extreme.” The formula yields only one answer: EXTREME MUSICAL CHAIRS! From Variety:

The CW is developing unscripted format “Extreme Musical Chairs.” The series would transform the popular children’s game into a physically demanding competition with multiple rounds of elimination set in an indoor obstacle course.

Hahah, ooooohhhhhh my goodness. I wonder when they were pitching this idea that they were worried it would be a little too good? Like if anyone overheard them talking about they would steal it and run to the nearest network and become billionaires themselves? THE DRAMA! THE EXCITEMENT! THE CHAIRS! You cannot miss. And it only leaves me looking forward to the future when there are many reality shows based on popular children’s games, like:

  • Extreme Heads Up Seven Up
  • Extreme Red Rover
  • Extreme TV Tag
  • Extreme Throwing Up At School
  • Extreme Accidentally Peeing Your Pants Because You Didn’t Realize You Couldn’t Hold It In
  • Extreme Wanting To Express Individuality But Immediately Understanding That It Makes You Stick Out And Gain Sometimes Negative Attention And Then Maybe Wanting To Express It Less
  • Extreme Trading Lunch Items