Another Republican Debate, Another Disgusting Nightmare!

It seems almost ridiculous to even talk about what goes on at these Republican debates anymore, like going on and on about how you keep having the same nightmare to your friends who were at first concerned and are now just sick of hearing about it because first of all it scares and depresses them and second of all they GET IT, Jesus, just shut up about your GD nightmare already. Except it’s not that, and it’s instead real people who want to be president and real people who want to vote for them applauding the execution of 234 people, cheering on the death of those without health insurance, and now booing a gay soldier in Iraq. NEAT!

At the Republican debate last night, a clip was shown of soldier Steven Hill asking if the the presidential hopefuls intended to destroy the progress made for gay and lesbian soldiers with the repeal of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy. This was met first by boos from the audience, and then by Rick Santorum saying, basically, “Oh, yeah. Definitely.” Love these guys!

Oh, Jesus. What we’re dealing with here, with the booing, is obviously just a few nightmare people. And it’s true that they are fucking nightmares, and they shouldn’t be forgotten about or talked about in any gentler terms. But what is more upsetting than the few fucking nightmares booing a soldier in active duty in Iraq for being homosexual, because you’re OF COURSE going to have that, you’re at a debate for godssake, what do you expect them to do NOT boo a soldier in active duty in Iraq for being homosexual?, is Rick Santorum’s INSANE FUCKING NIGHTMARE RESPONSE.

Forgetting the fact that he didn’t respond to the boos in any way, because he is a homophobic coward, his entire answer is insane nonsense. The repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell “recognize[s] a group of people and give[s] them a special privilege”? The repeal of DADT, if anything, takes AWAY any recognition. It allows soldiers to exist equally, none of them either recognized or unrecognized. And what special privilege are we talking about, exactly? The special privilege to be a disgusting homosexual and NOT have to hide it? You fucking asshole? Rather than the not special not privilege of being a heterosexual and being able to simply BE THAT and not get discharged? Is the special privilege that they get to have sex with people of the same gender and if they get to have sex with people of the same gender without repercussion we should ALL be able to have sex with people of the same gender without repercussion, Rick Santorum? I don’t know how to respond to your garbage because IT MAKES NO SENSE.

And then: The repeal of DADT injects social policy into the military. Allowing people to be homosexual without repercussion in 2011 should not be considered social policy. If anything, having a policy that specifically prohibits an openly homosexual person from serving in the military seems like a social experiment that has already been proven incorrect (let alone UNCONSTITUTIONAL). And when he specifies that the military is “all volunteer,” implying that entering the military as a homosexual you should be ready to give up that part of your identity and if you are not you should stay out? Are you fucking kidding me? While we’re in the middle of 4500 wars, implying that ANYONE should stay out? BUT YOU LOVE WARS! You can’t love wars and then also tell people to stay out of getting killed in them, Senator. Even if you believe the fact that they prefer people of the same gender is going to distract everyone from doing fucking anything.

Honestly, it’s difficult to talk about this. It seems so basic. DADT has been declared unconstitutional. It is crazy to me that the entire audience is applauding the idea of reinstating a policy that has been declared unconstitutional. What do you even say? The most upsetting thing in his response is how he implies that DADT discriminated against sexuality in general. It did not. It specifically prohibited the openly gay from serving in the military, and the closeted gay from coming out. “Leave it alone and keep it to yourself, whether you’re heterosexual or homosexual” is nonsense. Only one half had to leave it alone and keep it to themselves. It was declared unconstitutional and we should be ashamed that it was ever in place. This is easy, and this is not open for debate.