This Week In GIFs

FRIDAY! Guys, I am so happy that it is Friday. You know what I’m going to do this weekend? Buy a winter jacket and then go to sleep until Monday. Ugh, I CAN’T WAIT! But while we’re still here and conscious, why not reflect on the week we’ve had? It has been quite a TV week, for sure. The Emmys, Breaking Bad, Thursday night TV, OTHER nights of TV that we don’t highlight specifically but that are still good? Like Tuesdays, when Parenthood is on? And then the nightmare debate that actually let’s not reflect on right now and just try to forget about for a moment? Lots of TV stuff. Also, lots of Ryan Gosling stuff. Like when we all saw Drive together and everyone loved it and didn’t have any problems with it at all, not one single person. What a week. Let’s take a GIF at it. GIF meaning look.

The 2011 Emmy Awards happened and they were disappointing, even for the Emmy Awards!

There was a new episode of Breaking Bad and it was SO GOOD!

We all went to see Drive together and it was also SO GOOD!

Nancy Grace is on a TV show where she dances now!

There was a disgusting but also adorable video of a sneeze!

Snoop Dogg is getting another TV show and we all named it!

The new Two and a Half Men premiered and everyone on Earth watched it!

Courtney Stodden is obviously getting her own TV show!

We had a fake interview with Ryan Gosling!

And, finally, our TV friends came back! YAAAAAYYY!!!