Thursday Night TV Open Thread

Our friends are back, OUR FRIENDS ARE BACK! Finally, after what seemed like forever, most of our Thursday night buddies (except 30 Rock, of course) are home again to make us laugh and smile and forget about Republican debates for a few half hours every Thursday. So let’s talk about them! Community was great, of course. Gabe isn’t here right now, but if Gabe were here right now I’m sure he would have appreciated the Cougerton Abbey joke. That was great. I appreciated the 2001: A Space Odyssey joke.  And also: OMAR! My getting excited about Omar would only be kind of a lie because I haven’t seen The Wire, but I know YOU GUYS are excited about Omar so I’m just trying to get the ball rolling here. OMAR!!! I’m looking forward to a season that is kind of a combination of the first two seasons — the “straightforward” and the “out there” — and I think the first episode was exactly that. Great job. Then, PARKS & RECREATION! Very good, I can’t wait until somehow Amy Poehler and Adam Scott are back together, they are just the cutest. Leslie running for office should be a fun plot line, and I’m SUPER PSYCHED about Andy’s new appointment. What a great character. And then, THE OFFICE! Unfortunately, I’m a little tired of The Office. Is this open thread ok for spoilers? Is it generally assumed you wouldn’t be reading this far if you didn’t want a spoiler? If so: No doy Andy is the new boss. But the last scene with Andy was very nice and set a nice tone for the season, so, you know, PROVE ME WRONG, THE OFFICE! And then Whitney was on and after anyone said anything there was a laugh track and after a while you get used to it but it’s like do I WANT to object myself to getting USED TO THAT??? No! I don’t! Because it is terrible! What did you guys think, hellooooo, hello guys?!