Everyone Has To Work It

Sad news, you guys: we all have to go to work. For, like, ever. Them’s just the breaks! No use complaining about it, even though we all definitely complain about it. No use doing what we do constantly. (Complaining, I mean. Working, which is the other thing we all do constantly, does have a point. It’s called putting food on your family, and it’s American.) Here’s the thing, though: just do your job! And do it well! Why not? Louis C.K. actually has a really good bit about people being terrible at their jobs and how awful of an experience it is to encounter, especially when you know that they could just do their job. And then he says the reason for this is because they’re 20 years old. Haha. GOTCHA 20-YEAR-OLDS! He gotcha! You are all pieces of shit. (As a counter-point he mentions the old man he saw working as a greeter at Best Buy who was just so happy to be working, and that is also true. It’s not torture when you understand both how important it is to have money in this world at least the way it is currently set up and also the genuine sense of fulfillment you can get from having a purpose to your day, even if that purpose is handing out circulars and marking off people’s receipts with a marker.) Just do your job, guys. And if you can, have fun with it! You’re going to die either way.

Two videos came out today of people making the most out of their working situation. WHO WORKED IT BETTER?!


Jack In The Box:

Good job, everyone. Get it? Job? IT’S A POST ABOUT WORK STUFF! I can’t believe you didn’t even get it. Who hired this guy?! I quit. Other work jokes. (Via ByronCrawford and TheDailyWhat.)