Duh Aficionado Magazine: Courtney Stodden Is Getting Her Own Reality TV Show

From the moment we all first learned about Courtney Stodden’s sanctified marriage to Doug Hutchinson, it was completely inevitable that they would be getting their own reality TV show, no doy-oy-oy, and so this story from Radar about how Courtney and Doug have chosen a producer for the reality TV show they were always going to get comes as a surprise to absolutely no one.

The 17-year-old and her Green Mile actor husband Doug Hutchison have signed a deal with Roy Bank, the president of Merv Griffin Entertainment.

“We are so excited to be working with Roy Bank, a great professional in this business,” Courtney and Doug exclusively told “We are proud that we were able to find the perfect producer for our reality show and are thrilled to be working with this prestigious production company.”

“The reason we went with Roy is because we feel that he is the man who will be able to place Courtney’s show in front of the best network for her,” Krista Stodden, Courtney’s momager, told

Wait, HER MOM IS HER MANAGER?! Boom goes the headamite. You mean to say that not only do her parents know what is going on with her, but they earn 10 percent of the profits?! EEK! EEK! The Germans have a word for this, it’s called “prison.” That being said, I am totally looking forward to Courtney and Doug’s reality show no joke. Here is my pitch:

A month from now Courtney and Doug are told that none of the networks were interested in their pitch and that there’s not going to be a reality show. This news is reported by Deadline Hollywood and reblogged everywhere. But secretly, during the meeting where they are told that the whole purpose of their fame-grubbing nightmarriage is not going to be realized, hidden cameras are installed throughout their house and for the next six months, their lives together when they believe that they’re NOT going to have a show are secretly taped and THAT is the show. Oh man, can you imagine? It would be AMAZING! What on Earth do these two ghouls talk about when they are alone together? And what WOULD they talk about if they suddenly found themselves staring down the long and rocky road of a married life together without the promised reality show on which all of their decisions have been based? I’m pretty sure it would be the first time in herstory that a reality TV show would win the Emmy for BEST DRAMA.

This guy would be so gracious about it.

No no, your show is much better than mine and you deserved to win the award.

Oh, and the show would be called Nightmare Island.