Paramount Pictures Building A $700 Million “Boom Boom Room”

Exciting multi-million dollar construction project news! Paramount is undergoing a 700 million dollar, 25-year-long renovation of its landmark studios. From Hollywood Reporter:

Paramount Pictures is planning a $700 million upgrade of its Hollywood headquarters, which cover 62 acres, the company said Tuesday. The studio, which has been based in its current location since 1926, is filing applications with the city of Los Angeles for what it is dubbing the Hollywood Project, a 25-year plan to improve its existing studio lot and adjacent properties.

Most of the development will take place at the studio’s main 56-acre lot at 5555 Melrose Ave., which was created when Paramount bought the former RKO Studios from Desilu Productions in 1967. Portions of the lot along Melrose and limited areas within the main production area are being targeted for development, although the studio said it will maintain many of the historic structures while modernizing them. The plan also involves six properties in Hollywood adjacent to the studio.

So dope. I’m a HUGE multi-million dollar, decades spanning, ambitious and forward-thinking brand revitalizing construction projects head. LOVE ‘EM! Cannot get enough of ‘em. This one looks pretty promising. Check out some of the planned upgrades:

  • 250 additional Razr Scooter parking places to be added by 2024 with an eye towards the ever-expanding use of Razr Scooters
  • Taylor Lautner Memorial Reflecting Pool
  • Abandoned underground tunnel system for future teenager-circulated myth-making
  • Cocaineteria
  • Elle Fanning Memorial Oscar Speech Media Training Center
  • 18-hole golf course, members only
  • Rooftop cigar bar and full-frontal strip club (open to the public 7AM-9AM)
  • Cognac tasting room
  • 50 single-seat IMAX screening rooms
  • Open field for Burning Man spin-off
  • Hotel ballroom for Democratic presidential candidate pancake breakfasts
  • Keypad protected nuclear bunker equipped with 15,000,000 square feet of studio space, separate cigar bar, fully operational cocaineteria, and 18-hole golf course (members members only only)
  • 1,000 monkeys banging on 1,000 typewriters equipped with Final Draft
  • Adjustment Bureau Hat Store

Sick construction project. Can’t wait for it to be 25 years from now. BACK TO WORK!