Nicholas Sparks Is Creating A TV Show, Finally

Nicholas Sparks, the bestselling author who has had, I think, every single one of his books made into movies you really love (A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, Dear John, etc.) will finally be making his original-series-not-based-on-a-book TV debut, on ABC. “Oh my goodness, great news THIS early in the morning?” I know. Throw your coffee in the garbage. From Deadline:

The drama, titled The Watchers, tells the story of a fallen angel looking for his mortal love. … “I’ve always wanted to create a smart, unconventional show about angels on Earth, and ABC is the perfect home for this kind of imaginative, character-driven drama,” said Sparks.

Duh, of course. Who hasn’t always wanted to create a smart, unconventional show about angels on Earth. But, uh, really kind of a spoiler because I thought there was only going to be one angel? Now there are already multiple angels? The idea of multiple angels doesn’t pique my interest as much as one single angel does, Nicholas. But the thing with Nicholas Sparks that I understand from seeing 1 of his movies (A Walk to Remember, if you must know) and reading 0 of his novels is that there is always some sort of a sad plot twist. So. What with the sad plot twist be of THIS ONE?

  • Angel is really a devil, but the girl is already in love.
  • Angel doesn’t tell the girl that he’s an angel and when he does tell her she’s like, “But I’M an angel,” and for some reason since he came to Earth to look for his “mortal love,” this means they cannot be together unless one of them gives up their angel wings.
  • The plot of City of Angels except one of them dies and then that’s the end.
  • Angel is not really an angel after all. But the girl IS an angel!
  • The exact plot of Michael.
  • Dead Like Me except one of them falls in love but the girl has a boyfriend, plus she thinks angels are gross.
  • The angel falls in love but then the girl goes into a coma for 80 years and wakes up with she’s 100 and the angel still looks 20 but they’re still in love, but then the lady dies.