Breakfast At Tiffany’s 50th Anniversary Party Ideas

Did you know that it’s the 50th anniversary of the movie Breakfast At Tiffany’s? Well it is, GENIUS. Where’s your head? The movie is being rereleased on Blu-Ray today to celebrate, even. I’m not telling you to buy it because first of all you might not have a Blu-Ray payer and second of all I can’t really condone the purchase of any Blu-Rays because I was and forever will be on the side of HD DVD, but just FYI that thing exists and is being put out today. But even if you didn’t know it was the 50th anniversary of this movie that is generally well-loved but that you may not have any feelings about either way, don’t worry! There is still time to throw together a great 50th Anniversary party to celebrate. Even if you only watched the movie once a few years ago and enjoyed it, though you don’t really remember a whole lot of details about it or even the plot, to be honest!

  1. Get A Bunch Of Multistrand Pearl Necklaces: If there’s one thing that screams Breakfast At Tiffany’s it’s a multistrand pearl necklace. So the first step is to get a bunch and make all of your guests wear them.
  2. Also Get The Black Dresses: This is another thing. The iconic black dress from the movie. Get lots of these and also make your guests wear them. If your guests are men the only thing that may be a problem is finding dresses to fit them but I’m sure you can do it, it’s 2011.
  3. Get Long Gloves: Like in the movie, or at least in posters about the movie. For your guests.
  4. Also Long Cigarette Holders And Cigarettes: Like in the movie, or at least in posters about the movie. For your guests.
  5. Or Just Make Your Guests Dress Up As Holly Golightly: You can actually probably sidestep all of these steps if you just enforce a Holly Golightly theme. Make the guests dress themselves up, who ever said you needed to dress your own guests up? Don’t be a pushover. This is your party.
  6. Have A Cat: She has a cat in the movie, so you have one at the party.
  7. Have A Landlord (Racist?): I remember there was a landlord, and I remember that I think the portrayal of the landlord was maybe racist. So, have one of those.
  8. Prepare Breakfast: A loving nod to the title of the film, you should prepare the breakfast in advance of your guests arriving.
  9. Learn The Song From The Movie: In the movie, she plays a song on the guitar. You probably think it would be ok to just have a recording of this song playing, but holy moly I can’t believe what kind of a lazy party planner you are. Just learn the stupid song.
  10. Handsome Man: There is a handsome man who loves her in this movie so have a handsome man who loves you co-host the party.
  11. Apartment: She lives in an apartment.
  12. Very Pretty: She is very pretty. Have a contest to see who is the prettiest. If no one is pretty, have a contest to see who is the ugliest.
  13. Hats: She definitely wears hats in this.
  14. Hair: She has big hair in posters from the movie and I remember her having bangs in the movie so these are the two hairstyles your guests can choose from.
  15. Alcohol: Definitely have alcohol, I don’t know, I feel like sparkling wine would be appropriate but whatever you have is fine too, I’m sure. Oh, since it’s breakfast maybe have mimosas and bloody marys? But don’t have the party in the morning, that would be absolutely the worst.
  16. Watch The Movie: Or you don’t have to, people who put movies on at parties are almost always in the wrong.
  17. Have Fun: Don’t forget to have fun.