Let’s Name Snoop Dogg’s Sitcom!

Not sure how this was originally reported last week and we somehow missed it, all of us, but we are all equally to blame and we all need to learn how to forgive ourselves. In any case THIS (from Deadline):

Snoop Dogg’ — a sitcom star? The rapper-actor has teamed with sitcom veteran Don Reo for a multi-camera family sitcom project that would star Snoop Dogg as the father. The project has been set up at Warner Bros TV and is yet to be taken out to the networks. Snoop Dogg has played a similar role on TV before, on his E! reality series Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood, which chronicled his family life with his wife and his three kids.

Right. Snoop Dogg has played a father on TV before by being a father to his children on TV before. Got it! This is a great idea for a show. “He’s a dad.” Very fun idea. We’re all on board. The question now, though, is WHAT DO WE CALL IT? Hmmm. How about:

  • Snoop Doggy Daaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaad
  • Gin And Dads
  • Dad’s Upside Ya Dad!
  • Mack Dad
  • Weeds

These are good names. Almost as good as the idea for the show itself. So everything about this is great.