A Simultaneously Very Gross And Very Cute Video Of A Sneeze

I am so torn about this video. On the one hand, even though that little boy featured in the video is very cute and tiny and as a woman maybe I should feel more inclined to take care of the situation than make a gross face and feel nauseated, this is just completely out-of-hand gross to me. Holy moly! It’s not even that weird! I cannot even explain why it is so gross (probably the problem of getting boogers in the mouth?) but I do need to stop thinking about it and I apologize for bringing this video to you if you feel the same way. On the other hand, the girl featured in this video is just so exactly correct in her response that I can’t help but be drawn to the whole ordeal. I guess that’s the bigger idea about little kids. They are always disgusting but then they’re always adorable, very silly, and very stupid except for when they are very smart. “Kids.” “Boogers.”

“UUggggggghhhhhnooouggghhhAAAAHHHHEEEEEEEeeeeeeee :)” is my response to this, for the record. (Via VVV.)