Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Brad Pitt is on the cover of Sports Illustrated and I just want to say that I haven’t thought about the magazine Sports Illustrated in like 45 years and I can’t believe it’s still a magazine. -JustJared
  • Kevin Dillon thinks Jane Lynch’s Entourage joke was unfair, apparently. “E has had a longtime relationship. Vince has always treated women politely, and even Turtle lately.” EVEN TURTLE LATELY! (Also “longtime relationship” haha, aw.) -E! Online
  • Vince Gilligan was on Fresh Air! Why not listen to it and also read this article about it? Because it’s backwards day? Well, I have news for you that it is in fact NOT backwards day, sooo.  -NPR
  • James Franco is going to direct a Cormac McCarthy necrophilia movie. Does that mean a movie about having sex with a deceased Comac McCarthy? Click to find out! Also, eesh. I am sorry. -FilmDrunk
  • I want a washing machine in my apartment so bad that I would even have this pedal-powered one, I don’t care. Sometimes it smells like laundry in the living room, I think my downstairs neighbors have one. I wish I were friends with them. -TheDailyWhat
  • Louis C.K. is walking us through the second season of Louie at A.V. Club let’s all go read about it. -A.V. Club
  • Who is this person and why does she look like this and why did she go to the Emmys? -Dlisted
  • Um, this isn’t the kind of link I ever usually do, but I think you should enter this giveaway? -Celebuzz
  • At first I thought this Michelle Williams talking-about-wanting-to-quit thing was annoying but then she said, “Thinking of quitting is just keeping going in disguise. When you have options, anything is bearable.” That’s true! Not that annoying anymore. (Except that that’s true for people with non-glamorous jobs that they aren’t praised for doing all the time by everyone in the world, but, whatever, I’ll let it go I guess.) -HuffingtonPost
  • Here’s an interview with for some reason a very disliked woman, Oliva Munn! Why does everyone hate her? Not that I love her or anything, I have no opinion, but she seems fine? -Movieline
  • They’re talking about some alternative Emmy categories over at Salon, why not ALSO talk about that here if you want or just with whatever people you’re around? -Salon