Aaron Sorkin Broke His Nose While Writing, OBVIOUSLY

Well, this is hilarious. From the Hollywood Reporter:

Aaron Sorkin, who penned The Social Network and The West Wing and co-wrote Moneyball, which will open in theaters next week, showed up at an Emmy event in West Hollywood on Friday with a broken nose. It turns out he injured himself while writing.

“I wish I could say I was in a bar fight, but I broke my nose while writing,” the Academy Award winning screenwriter told the Los Angeles Times. He said he was staring into a mirror, working on some dialogue, when he got too close and head-butted himself.

Naturally, the story ends there and no one ever bothers to ask Aaron Sorkin HOW ON EARTH THAT HAPPENS AND ALSO WHAT?! Working on some dialogue? “Got too close”? The journalists were just like “his story adds up.” They’re all writers, so they know this is definitely a thing that happens all the time that seems normal and realistic and that you can definitely just picture in your imagination because it’s almost TOO relatable and like a thing we’ve all experienced. “What, it’s called WRITING!” Admittedly, I once broke a tooth eating spaghetti (true) so maybe I am not one to talk. (I later rebroke this same tooth on a sandwich. Also true. My life is a waking nightmare.) Maybe I’m not even one to write. Wait, IS this a normal thing? DO I NOT KNOW WHAT ACTUAL WRITING IS LIKE? Totally possible. I have never broken my nose while “working on some dialogue” by “getting too close” to the mirror. (Still so funny.) Hack. Hahahahhahaaaack.