2011 Emmy Awards Video Pizza Party

Oh thank goodness, it is finally time for the 2011 Emmy Awards! Although I know that it has only been one year since the 2010 Emmy Awards, it feels like it has been at least one million. Why not sprinkle in a couple more Emmy Awards throughout the year? Give the fancy self-congratulatory trophy party fans what they want! MORE EMMY AWARD SHOWS! But whatever, here we are on the night of our only Emmys of the year. Jane Lynch is hosting! Yay, we like her! Also, as Gabe pointed out, there are actually a number of very good things nominated! Like Friday Night Lights, and Parks & Recreation, and people from those shows, and Louis C.K., and Game of Thrones, ETC.! Maybe they’ll win? Or maybe they won’t. That’s the thing about the Emmys — no one knows who will or won’t win before the show starts. Either way, Gabe will be dishing out zingers throughout the night through the Videogum Twitter and I’ll be here dishing out comments here with the Videogum monsters. So come on and join us why don’t you? HUH? Let’s get this show on the road, Mr. Hollywood!