Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • This week’s Videogum Movie Club movie is Drive. GO SEE IT! It is very good. Then let’s meet back here and talk about it on Monday. -Drive Trailer
  • Speaking of Drive, Ryan Gosling is adorable and very nice in this interview. Read his parts with a Ryan Gosling voice in your head. -Vulture
  • There’s a new episode of FilmDrunk’s podcast, and on it they interview one of the guys from Shut Up, Little Man. Do you want to listen to it? If so, -FilmDrunk
  • Nicolas Cage is a vampire, worth $1,000,000.00. -TheDailyWhat
  • Victoria Beckham’s tiny infant looooooves Prada. I’m so sure, Victoria Beckham. Also when I was young you made me hate my curly hair because I wanted straight hair like you. So thanks a lot. -Dlisted
  • Kieran Culkin is dating Scarlette Johannson apparently, which may seem odd, but really who wouldn’t date a Culkin just for the chance to have a Culkin baby. Even though they invariably grow up weird, they are just the cutest little kids. Right? -TheSuperficial
  • It’s Amy Poehler’s 40th birthday today, yay! Celebuzz has put together a video of her ten funniest moments. Cool, great! -Celebuzz
  • Tyrese says Michael Bay is a barking dog or something like that. -Movieline
  • Salon has put together a couple of breakouts from the Toronto International Film Festival. Check them out, eh? Why not? You love movies. -Salon
  • Here is part of the Brad Pitt interview that everyone is talking about because of how he disses JenAn. I can’t believe the entire world still talks about their 10000 year old relationship. If I were AngJo I’d be piiiisssed. -JustJared