A Young Man Performs Stand Up Comedy On The Morning News For An Audience Of Children Wearing Hockey Outfits

A couple of years ago, a young, would-be stand up comedian named Justin Hagerman won a contest on the radio that led to an invitation to perform his comedy on the TV morning news. Already a dream come true, I’m sure. The perfect time of day to tell jokes in what has to be one of the single most intimate and laugh-inducing environments on Earth: an overly-air-conditioned television studio filled with blinding lights and total strangers who normally talk about car crashes and whether or not your dog’s food is poison. Oh wait, what’s this now? This morning’s broadcast would feature a special live studio audience made up of young children wearing hockey jerseys? SO THIS IS BASICALLY A DREAM COME TRUE IS WHAT YOU ARE SAYING! This song knows what Justin Hagerman is talking about.


“No fair!” – Paul F. Tompkins
“I worked all my life to get a break like this and this kid just lucks into it? Fuck.” – Louis C.K.
“No fair!” – Aziz Ansari
“It will just be interesting now to see what happens with his comedy career since he peaked so early. Good luck, pal! It’s a long way down from the mountain.” – Gilbert Godfried
“No fair!” – Patton Oswalt

On your feet, ladies and germs. (Via TheDailyWhat.)