An Excellent Sunflower Halloween Costume Tutorial

If you’re like me, you spend 100% of the year talking about what your Halloween costume is going to be and then on Halloween you don’t have a costume so you just wear normal clothes and say you are a character from a sitcom. I assume everyone is like me. Well, take this as your one month+ warning: It is time to decide on your Halloween costume and then also buy it. Mine, as of right now, will either be He Hate Me from the XFL or Nick Burns, Your Company’s Computer Guy. Both are VERY GOOD and very timely. Please don’t steal either of them. If I see one other He Hate Me at any of the many Halloween parties I plan to attend, so help me God, I will cry RIGHT on you. Instead of He Hate Me, an idea that I have officially called, why not be a lovely sunflower? Because you don’t know how you would dress up as a sunflower? You just really have no idea, and you’re not even sure if you would need a mask or face paint or what, and you wish there were some sort of online sunflower costume tutorial that would show you, but surely there isn’t, because life just never works out for you the way you want it to? Well, stop feeling so bad about yourself first of all, Jesus Christ, and GUESS WHAT!

Oh my goodness this is the best Halloween makeup tutorial I have ever seen! What a tiny little professional. All I want to do is talk about every single part that is a cute part (“And if you don’t know what I’m saying…” “What I’m doing right now…” “I really love this, you gotta try it.” “Use yellow, whatever yellow you use.” And then when she’s PUTTING ON the yellow?! And then the growing part, with the completed costume?!) but every single cute part is very obvious. So instead I would like to make a request of Maddison: Can you please do a “He Hate Me” tutorial? Either “He Hate Me” or “Nick Burns.” I’m having more trouble with Nick Burns because it’s not like he wears glasses so I feel like the costume right now would rely more on the catch phrases, but there has to be some better way? Thanks! Chickachickawowow! (Via BuzzFeed.)