The Petting Zoo: This Week In Duck Videos, Pretty Much

I admit that this video is kind of cheating the animal video format, since the main focus is a baby human, but oh come on give me a break what do you care. This is a very good two-for-one: an adorable sad-face girl squeezing a tiny kitten, and then also a tiny kitten. Enjoy it, why do you always have to question everything. Plus the girl kind of resembles the “More Sand” girl, who is my favorite girl, and the adults in the video are asking her similarly frustrating questions — another two-for-one. “Is that your baby? Is that a real baby? Is that a real baby for you? Is that real?” Uh, no it is NOT a real baby! It’s not a real baby for anyone, except a cat. IT IS A KITTEN! I refuse to believe that that child thinks that that kitten is a baby. This is very upsetting. I hope there are some videos about ducks or something after this because if not I just do not know how I’m going to deal.(Via TheDailyWhat.)

OH THANK GOD. Here is a duck that follows its owner all over the place. Awww. When I was young I had a friend who had ducks and a duck pond in her back yard, but the ducks were not nearly this friendly or friendly at all, really. Pretty cold. One time a friend and I fell in the pond because we were throwing a stick on it and it got stuck on it, so we had to climb on the ice and get it off. But we both went on at the same time, so the ice broke and we fell in? Something like that. It was disgusting. But this duck friend is not disgusting. A little showy, but not disgusting. (Via Presurfer.)

This is one of those videos where you see it on a blog and the writeup is always, “metaphor for life.” “Metaphor for life, bird going the wrong way on an escalator.” But, you know, uh, WHAT? How is that a metaphor for life? You’re always like a bird who doesn’t understand the concept of escalators? I don’t think so. A better lazy write up for a video like this would be, “Been there.” LOL. Hah. “Been there.” It’s kind of the same but, like, 10x better. Another good one would be, “Retweet.” It needs some workshopping because I don’t know where the joke is exactly but I know it’s in there. Ahahaha. “Retweet.” (Via Abroath.)

The description of this video says the dog and tiger grew up together since they were six months old, which I guess explains why no one is freaking out at how the tiger is absolutely going to murder that dog omg someone get that dog away. GUYS! Tigers will attack things, even if they haven’t killed them up until that point! HAVEN’T WE LEARNED ANYTHING FROM ANYTHING? Also, though, it is cute how they’re playing together so whatever. (Via SayOMG.)

When is the last time you took a bath? That’s an interesting question to go along with this video. If you’re a young adult who doesn’t have a bathtub in their apartment or first home, probably a while. Unless you’ve stayed in a hotel recently and your hotel room had a bathtub in it. Or some other circumstance. Something that’s annoying is when people say they don’t like baths because you’re just “sitting in your own filth.” As if baths are how ANY adult chooses to get clean for the day. No one gets clean with a bath, only babies. Adults take baths because sometimes it’s nicer to read a magazine while you’re in water, or for reasons like the reasons why they take baths on Millionaire Matchmaker, which I won’t get into. This whole writeup is very clearly off the rails but it began off the rails so I’d say it’s pretty much on track. Gorilla in a bathtub! (Via reddit.)

Another duck video! The final video and my favorite of the bunch, for obvious reasons. Classic and simple — a duck sitting on a dog, and the dog has kind of a silly face about it. Just a delight. (Via SayOMG.)