There Are Still Decent Strangers In This World Also

In light of the past couple weeks of GOP debate videos in which faceless strangers hidden in the shadows scream nightmare things about people dying, it is nice to have a reminder that there are still decent strangers in this world as well. I mean, duh, no doy, OF COURSE THERE ARE. But they have been relatively quiet as of late while the Garbage Creeps have been particularly vocal. (I was talking to a friend yesterday about these GOP debate video things, and one point that no one has really made, which is probably one of the more disturbing points about all of it, is that these are very small, high-security, difficult to get into events for politically engaged people, these debates. We’re not talking about a gigantic, unruly crowd in which a few rotten eggs have managed to roll in under the fence. If you’ve got people shouting out pro-death sentiments in a five-hundred seat auditorium where BRIAN WILLIAMS IS MODERATING THE NIGHT’S PROCEEDINGS, then your organization has some serious self-image issues to attend to!) Anyway, today’s video is a raw AP feed of a group of strangers helping to lift a burning car off of a motorcyclist after a terrible accident. Nice one, group of strangers! If possible, I would listen to it with the audio turned off. Maybe pick a nice song to put behind it. (LIke George Harrison’s “Got My Mind Set On You.”) Because while the people rushing to help a fallen man are brave and charitable, the people who made the actual video who are just watching and videotaping from some office building are completely insufferable. “Help him!” Oh hush it. GO HELP HIM YOURSELF IF YOU WANT, THIS IS NOT A HONEY BADGER JOKE!

Yay! Good work everyone! Except the guy talking. And Rick Perry. Bad work, Rick Perry. (Via