Weekend Panda Needs To Get Back To Work

I’m sorry to tell you this, Panda, but it is Monday. I know that it might feel like it has to be at least Sunday, and you have no idea where the weekend could have gone, and all you want to do is sit in your rocking chair for just a little longer and just relax, please, for the love of Panda God, but the rest of the world hit the ground running this morning and I really think you should be a part of that. You want to be a part of that! Remember when you were a baby panda and all you wanted to do was just GTF out there in the world and show them all what you were made of? PROVE THEM WRONG? All those horrible things they were saying about you? Well, now’s your chance. Where’s that old Panda spirit? Listen, if nothing else, you are looking GOOOOOD today, Panda. And you don’t want to waste a good Panda day on nobody, sitting in a rocking chair. Save that for when you wake up after a long night of Panda Drinking. Get out there. LIVE IT. (Via VVV.)