This Week in GIFs

I realise this GIF is technically from last week, and some might even say its time in the Internet Sun has passed, but I just don’t care about either of those things. We haven’t spent NEARLY enough time with this video or this grainy GIF of it, if you ask me. It’s rare that a video and a GIF as good as this video and GIF come along and you have to stop and smell them sometimes. Know what I’m saying? Yes. After the jump we’ve got a bunch more GIFs for you to stop and smell from this short week, so let’s get started. WOOOOOOOOO GIFS!

There was a new True Blood, and there’s only one more left this season!

There was a new Breaking Bad!

We learned how to dress punk!

There was a new Katherine Chloe Cahoon video!

There was an adult sandbox that was stupid!

There is going to be a Beetlejuice 2!

Regis Philbin announced when he was retiring from Live!

We found out that Madonna loathes hydrangeas!

And, finally, it was Jonathan Taylor Thomas’s 30th birthday!