Videogum Everywhere Mission: Call Jonah Hill, If You Need To

As part of an advertising campaign for his upcoming movie The Sitter, a number has been released at which you can possibly reach Jonah Hill if you get through on the line and he decides to answer it at that moment. EXXXCITING! I guess the idea behind the campaign is that you have to call babysitters, which is at once a VERY big stretch and not really a stretch at all. “Genius.” The press release basically says here is a phone number and then “(seriously, he’s occasionally going to be answering the phone himself).” It doesn’t say for how long, so I assume it’s for the rest of his life. So, agents, YOUR MISSION IS AS FOLLOWS:

Call Jonah Hill, but only if you have a question you need to ask him.

Easy enough! If you have something you need to ask, by all means, give him a call. Otherwise, why waste everyone’s time? Don’t be foolish — if you’re going to call a celebrity during his mandatory The Sitter advertising hours on his burner cell phone, MAKE IT COUNT. Do not call with nothing in mind just because you expect him not to pick up because then what if he does pick up? Egg on your face. Unless, of course, we’re talking about the question “Where do you get your ideas.” In that case everyone should call and ask that because that is a very important question that needs answering, finally, once and for all.

The number is (917) 409-7838. Good luck! Goooooood luck!