Is There A More Obnoxious Name For A TV Show Than My Best Friend Is A Lesbo?

It was announced today that NBC is developing a new sitcom called My Best Friend Is a Lesbo. Neat! From Deadline:

The project, from Warner Bros TV and Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage’s studio-based Fake Empire, is about two best female friends — one straight, the other gay — who become roommates and help each other navigate life, love, and dating in Los Angeles. The semi-autobiographical comedy is based on the real-life friendship of writers and longtime roommates Sascha Rothchild and Randi Barnes, who will co-pen the script together.

Sure. Her real best friend really is a lesbo! Write what you know! But maybe call it something else! Like, oh, I don’t know, how about Willa & Grace. That seems catchy. All of the news about this thing says that My Best Friend Is A Lesbo obviously won’t be the name of the show if it actually makes it to television, which is kind of a weird thing? Like, well, right, but also that means the name is just supposed to grab studio executives, which is even more calculated and obnoxious? Do what you gotta do to make it in this world and more power to these two ladies (one of whom is a lesbo) for getting her done (her being a woman, sexually), it is no problem, it just kind of a weird thing is what I’m saying. Kind of a bummer. That being said, let’s think of some even MORE obnoxious names for a show! Obnoxious, please, not disgusting or genuinely hateful. I’ll go first:

  • Black Librarian: She is a librarian and she is black.
  • All Homos Town: Everyone who lives in this town is a homo.
  • Meet The Kikes: The adventures of a Jewish family learning to live and love in bit city.
  • Mixed Race Couple Living Together: A show about a mixed-race couple living together.
  • Two Lesbians, Two Jews, Two Blacks, Three Hispanics, And A Wheelchairy And A Blind At An Office: Workplace comedy.

These are good shows! I would watch these shows! (These are bad shows. I would not watch these shows.) I’m a regular Geoffy Katzenburgers!