Carrot Top Performs Prop Comedy For Vice President Dick Cheney

Somehow this got lost in the shuffle, probably because it was on The Jay Leno show on the Friday night before a long holiday weekend, and that is Lost in the Shuffle Central. But Jay’s first guest was Dick Cheney, and his second guest was Carrot Top, sure, but it was the first guest being forced to sit on the couch and watch the second guest where the magic happens. Ladies and germs, I present to you Carrot Top performing prop comedy for Vice President Dick Cheney:

Ha ha ha. When worlds been had colliding. Good ones, Carrot Top. High fives, Dick Cheney. (Please also note that Jay Leno was not able to introduce Carrot Top without acting petty and insecure because Jay Leno also headlines in Vegas? Good one, Jay. High five, Jay.) Four more years!