Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • I guess Rolling Stone’s comedy issue is out on the shelves as we speak? I think that’s true. Even if it’s not, here is an excerpt from their cover story from whenever it is on the shelves! And it’s about Aziz Ansari! -RollingStone
  • Here’s a video of a cat watching the Nyan Cat video, whatever that EVEN IS. I have no idea. Where did it come from and WHEN did it come from there? I hate not knowing things but this thing I feel like I would hate more to know. -TheDailyWhat
  • Salon has an interview with the doctor who was a consultant on the movie Contagion, and he talks about how the movie is very realistic and how we’ll all die soon from a contagious disease, beginning with Gwyneth Paltrow! Or something like that! -Salon
  • I, for one, miss the days when all the actors who portrayed high schoolers were 30+ years old. Why do I want to see actual high schoolers ACT? No thanks. Here is a list of some of cinema’s oldest high schoolers. -Flavorwire
  • There is I guess a behind-the-scenes tumblr for Girl With The Dragon Tattoo? As viral marketing? But maybe it’s not actually that? But it probably is? Look at it, it is exciting. -Movieline
  • Remember the dog from last week with the floppy ear? Well he’s back! And he’s Neverending Story! You have to try! You have to care! About this video! -FilmDrunk
  • I know I’ve talked before about how much I love bloopers, because my heart isn’t made of stone and I can appreciate a good time when it’s handed to me, but here are some MORE bloopers! Parks and Recreation bloopers! Lots of them! Yay! -Splitsider
  • There is going to be a movie about Elvis Presley and the director was announced today! KEVIN SMITH! jk. -JustJared
  • Gwyneth Paltrow is a “romantic and a realist” when it comes to cheating. Uggghh. UGGGHHH. Don’t even get me started. -Celebuzz
  • There are some of us out there who are perfectly fine with Justin Timberlake not making music anymore. There are others of us out there who are not perfectly fine with that, and they’re all comedians? Basically there’s a line drawn in the sand and either you’re on the one side or the other and no one can talk to anyone on either of the sides and on one of the sides it’s all comedians. -YouHadToBeThere
  • Would you like an advance look at Futurama’s “Classic Cartoon” season finale? I know some of you would! Here it is! -Vulture