The Petting Zoo: Deep Thoughts About Elephants And The World, Also Puppies

The frustrating thing about elephants is that whenever you see them you just want to hug them and have their whole elephant body in the hug, but you’ll never be able to do that unless you get them pretty much right when they’re born. Right? And you’re probably never going to be able to get them right when they’re born, unless you’re an elephant breeder or you work with elephants some other way or you’re a zoologist or something, or you ARE an elephant, and none of us are that I don’t think, so basically we’re completely out of luck. We just have to watch videos of baby elephants crawling all over their mother elephants and dream of another life in which we studied elephants all throughout college and then in school after college, whatever school we needed to go to, and then we were in a position where we had to take care of a lot of baby elephants because there were too many of them somehow? So our apartments were just crawling with the tiniest baby elephants, because there was no room at the zoo. And they slept in our beds. And it was a perfect world. And you never felt lonely or unhappy, because of the elephants. Let’s watch more animal videos now, I’m already VERY depressed. (Via VVV.)

This dog has pretty long ears, but they aren’t THAT long. Like, it’s not like a deformity. Aren’t physical world records supposed to be kind of about deformities most of the time? Not sad ones, just ones that make you win weird world records? Like, you can walk for 24 hours on your hands but that’s because your shoulders have too many muscles? Whatever. In any case, I’m not totally impressed with this dog’s ears. If you put that dog’s ears on a tiny puppy I’d be impressed. Next video please. (Via StuffIStole.)

Awww, now this is impressive. Why are animals so much cuter in Japan? That is a real question I have. Why do they have all the cutest dogs and cats there. And why can’t we have them here. They obviously EXIST. Can someone just bring them here? For me to have? Maybe other places don’t even exist at all and it’s all just a lie and none of these animals really exist either, they’re all just computer animations. And when you fly on airplanes to places you only fly to like a few designated areas that the government has set up, but they’re all fake. You know what I mean? Like you think you’re flying to Ireland but really you’re flying to a place just south of what we know as Florida. Right? There’s no way to really know if everything I’m saying is incorrect. If it were incorrect, why aren’t our animals as cute? I rest my case. (Via Uniblog.)

The YouTube description says, “a frog is levitated using a 10 tesla magnetic coil using diamagnetism.” Soooo. Enjoy! (Via reddit.)

It’s possible that these aren’t actually noises that the cat is making, but I refuse to debate about it. I’m just going to believe that they are noises that the cat is making because I want to believe and JEEPERS CREEPERS! What a bunch of weird noises! That cat is either possessed or he is very holy and is singing a holy song and I guess is also possessed in that case. But: Why is there a girl with a book on her head? That is the only question I have about this video, I guess. Why the girl with the book on her head. Everything else makes sense. (Via reddit.)


This is just an enjoyable video of a little bear cub playing in the snow. Aww. How cute. It almost makes you wish there were snow outside right now and you had a friend with a puppy and a yard so you could play with the puppy in the snowy yard. But then you remember how cold that would be, so you go back to enjoying this video for what it is and not thinking about it any further. Awww, CUBBY!
Also, from the YouTube comments:

SAME. (Via Abroath.)