The Margaret Trailer Is Here!

Friday is the day that we round up this week’s movie trailers and talk about them, so you’re probably really freaking out right now because you are a creature of habit and any adjustment to the routine schedule, however minor, puts you all out of sorts, but I want to talk about this trailer right now, so take a deep breath and put on your Adjustment Bureau hat because your schedule has been ADJUSTED. The trailer for Margaret is here, you guys! “What’s Margaret?” Very reasonable question! It is the long-stalled second movie from playwright Kenneth Lonergan. He shot it, like, 100 years ago (which is why, when you watch this trailer, all of the stars look so young. Because they are young!) and then I don’t even know what happened, but I bet it was boring and kind of annoying. A classic showbiz tale. Now, look, any movie that was shot 100 years ago and then got stuck in some kind of interminable post-production cycle is probably A LITTLE PROBLEMATIC to say the least. Like, there’s got to be something going on there. So we are dealing with a movie that might very well turn out to be bad. Take that into account. But Kenneth Longergan’s first movie, You Can Count On Me, is so great. Like, the best. Literally “my favorite movie” if anyone ever asks “what is your favorite movie.” You Can Count On Me, next question. So, despite years of anticipation that can only make the follow-up disappointing, on top of a murky hold up that suggests the movie might possibly stink, some of us, at the very least ONE of us, is still excited about it. The Margaret trailer is here! More specifically, here:

OK. We’ll see! Finally.