That’s Your Coloring Book: 9/11 Coloring Book

So many 9/11 coloring books aren’t made with any integrity and they are always shying away from the truth. This one’s different.

The thing about coloring books for children about horrific national tragedies that not only resulted in the unimaginable loss of human life but dramatically changed the world permanently, sowing an undercurrent of fear, anger, racism, and doubt into the fabric of daily life is that you really need a personalized video message from the CEO of the coloring book company. That’s how customers know that they can trust your product. Trust me. I already got burned on that Trail of Tears coloring book that was just for sale without ANY video message from the CEO of the coloring book company, so I won’t make that mistake again. You can buy yours here. I did. (Thanks for the tip, Dave.)