Guys, stop whatever you are doing, and you might want to sit down for this. We have got a BREAKING NEWS story that you CAN’T AFFORD to miss. Remember how Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s whereabouts are still unknown as civil war continues to rage in Libya? Well FUHGETTABOUTHAT. Here is some real news: Cameron Diaz, uh, yeah, THAT Cameron Diaz, reportedly “can’t stand” Jennifer Lopez. I KNOOWWWWW! From ONTD:

Word from the set of Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez’s new movie What To Expect When You’re Expecting is that the pair can’t stand each other.

Holy shit. GOOSEBUMPS. Shivers. Shivers and goosebumps. This is some pretty powerful stuff. Apparently, Jennifer Lopez is being very demanding on the movie set, and down-to-Earth Cameron Diaz is sick of it. I’m not even sure whose side to take! I mean, on the one hand, Cameron Diaz IS down-to-Earth, she’s almost TOO regular of a person, but on the other hand, Jennifer Lopez is a “diva,” so of course she’s going to act like one. The worst part is just imagining how hard this must be for Brooklyn Decker, whoever that is, you know? Man oh man. What a tense fight! Very important! We will continue to bring you feel mildly disgusted and annoyed by breaking updates on how Cameron Diaz feels about Jennifer Lopez AS THEY ARE REPORTED!