The Petting Zoo: Riding In Cars With Animals And Also There’s A Tiny Frog!

The first in a series of TWO animal-in-a-car videos, here is a video of a dog with its arm out the window, like a human would have its arm. Although this is a great video because of how CHILL the dog is, I have to say that I really do not like it when I see dogs in windows of cars like this because I am always 100% sure that they are seconds away from jumping out of the car window and causing their own and my own death, when I swerve to miss them and then end up hitting them anyway. Boooo dogs in cars hanging out of windows. I know it’s their “thing” — dogs’ — but boooooooo!!! It makes me nervous booooooo!!! Let’s look at more videos now yaaaayyy!! (Via VVV.)

Here is the second in the series. Hahah. Classic. This one does not make me nervous at all, except for the shouting. Please stop shouting! Also watch the road. (Via Abroath.)

This video, like SO many videos of baby animals you find on the internet, raises an important question: How many videos of puppies and kittens falling asleep can you watch before you’ve watched too many videos of puppies and kittens falling asleep? The answer — it’s actually kind of a trick question — is that there is no ceiling on it. Never enough. Moremoremoremoremoremoremore, always more. (Via HYST?.)

SEE??? (Via TheDailyWhat.)

As if a video of an adorable tiny frog in the hands of a man isn’t good enough already, this one has a KILLER soundtrack. Remember when you were a child and you’d catch frogs and put them in shoeboxes and put saran wrap over the shoebox and poke holes in it and then the next day you’d be so excited to go see your new frog friend, only to find that he hopped away during the night? WTF? What a bunch of jerks. (Via Presurfer.)

Awwwwwww floppy ear! You better enjoy it now, puppy, because the days of air conditioning are quickly coming to an end. Soon we’ll all have to take our window units out of our windows and try to find a place to store them and never end up finding a very good place until it’s finally next summer again and we can put them back in the window which is the only place they actually fit. Not to even mention how we’re going to have to remember not to touch the radiators that we’ve been training ourselves TO touch all summer because it was ok and they were not very hot, but soon they WILL be very hot and we’re going to touch them so many times and oh my goodness is it going to be a nightmare. Life is hell, puppy, I’m glad you don’t have to understand that. (Via StuffIStole.)