Don’t Jump, Edward: A Kind Of Question About Viral Videos

Last night, some friends of mine were talking about the “I Like Turtles” YouTube video. I’m sure you remember that video, it is apparently a very popular one. I, on the other hand, did not remember that video and in fact somehow I think I had never actually seen it. If you can even imagine!!! And my friend said, “You work at Videogum and you haven’t seen the ‘I LIKE TURTLES’ video?” And I was like, SHUT UP MAYBE NO ONE EVER EVEN WROTE ABOUT IT ON VIDEOGUM. So I searched for it on Videogum and did find it here. Oops! Oh well. Then we started watching every single video on that top ten list in the post I just linked to and, guys, a bunch of those hold up, specifically “Boom Goes the Dynamite.” Go to that link and watch that one again, hahah, oh man, it is so good. But looking at this list made me ask this question to myself and then now to you: Did very good viral videos arise more frequently in the years before, say, maybe 2009? Or does it just seem that way to me only? There are certainly lots of GREAT viral videos these days too, specifically THIS ONE and also THIS ONE, but it seems like they are fewer and farer between. Right? Or no? Maybe not. Maybe it’s just because that “Boom Goes the Dynamite” video is so good that it threw me into a weird viral video depression because you can only experience that video as if it were new once every few years — once you forget. Someone write a poem about this for me please I’m in a bad place.

Oh yeah anyway what I’m getting to is this video, “DON’T JUMP, EDWARD!” It’s got lots of classic Internet video components like English accents, kids hurting themselves a little, and parents filming it when maybe they shouldn’t be. Great, let’s check it out. After you go back to this post and watch “Boom Goes the Dynamite.”