Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Chris Pratt, best guy ever from Parks & Rec, will be in three movies coming out this fall. That’s a lot! He spoke with Movieline about how he handles both being the best and being in so many movies that are coming out in the fall. -Movieline
  • Here’s a sneak peek of John Goodman as Vice Dean on the upcoming season of Community! That is going to be great. Can’t wait for that to come back. -THR
  • So I guess Deadline recently reported that Martin Scorsese would be doing a remake of The Gambler. This was news to writer of The Gambler, James Toback, who has since written a million-word angry letter as a response for Deadline. Movie guys, am I right. FilmDrunk has taken a look at this exciting and confusing Hollywood mix-em-up!  -FilmDrunk
  • Holy Moly look at how much fabric Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing in these photos. -Just Jared
  • Hey wasn’t that dress weird and scary? Why not chill out with this video of a cat closing a lid. Monday! -TheDailyWhat
  • This story about Shia LeBeouf is sad and kind of scary and I wish I didn’t know about it but one thing that I do love about it is how Marilyn Manson is best friends with Louis Stevens. -The Superficial
  • If there is one thing everyone loves it is when they are on the subway and someone decides to make the subway the them-show. Starring them. Doing yoga. This is very well documented. -BWE
  • It’s Courtney Stodden’s 17th birthday today. I can’t believe how much her Twitter account honestly makes me a little bit nauseated, in a way that I do have to hand it to her for because Jesus Christ she is really going for it full speed 110% so gross. Happy Birthday! -Celebuzz
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt won’t stop doing covers until NO ONE is charmed anymore. -Stereogum
  • Salon takes a look at pop culture surrounding 9/11 — how some of it dealt with it head on, and some of it seemed to deal with it though it was actually unintended. Plus it’s a slideshow! You love slideshows. -Salon