Your Emergency Hurricane Irene Netflix Instant Streaming Go Bag

Uh oh, you guys, STORM’S A BREWIN’! Haha. Oh man, this post is already going to be a lot less cute and funny on Monday if people die from Hurricane Irene over the weekend and most of the Eastern Seaboard is laid to soggy waste. Oh well! Don’t blame yourself, Future Gabe, hindblog is 2.0/2.0. (Boooooo!) Anyway, most of us have already stocked up on our emergency provisions, I’m sure. “Wrap the boxes of Totino’s Pizza Rolls in a plastic shopping bag before you put them in the duffel bag with the flashlight and the knife.” But even more importantly: what are we going to watch while we are trapped inside of our homes like so many Billies Corgan? (Despite all his rage, he is still just a rat trapped inside of his home because of Hurricane Irene. Guys, please join our Facebook group if you agree that this is already the best post Videogum has ever done.) Here is a list of suggestions! They are all available on Netflix Insant and you could watch them right now, but why not wait until it’s a real NIGHTMARE outside?!

Note: this isn’t a joke list. This is just a list of really good movies that you may or may not want to watch this weekend if you are trapped during the storm. Some of them, or maybe even most of them, you have already seen, but maybe there is something you haven’t? They’re good! It’s nice to like stuff. Not everything has to be a comical love letter, you know.

Stay safe out there, you guys. Buy extra batteries, they keep saying? I don’t know. Please don’t die!