Well This Is Certainly An Enjoyable Song

I’m not going to try to tell you how to live your life. Maybe you had to walk to work in the rain today and you forgot your umbrella and you got to your office and your computer had a problem and you had to wait around forever for your IT guy so you figured you’d just go to the break room and get a coffee but then there weren’t any paper coffee cups left and you’ve been wanting to bring in your own mug but you haven’t yet, and you can’t go outside again because it’s pouring now and, again, you have no umbrella, so you think about using someone else’s mug but decide against it ultimately, and come back to your computer and the IT guy is there and you notice that you had some personal stuff up that you forgot to close and now he isn’t looking at it but you can tell that he probably was looking at it before you got there and you’re so embarrassed, and he tells you that he doesn’t really know what’s wrong but he’s gotten the computer to a point where it can basically function, but it’s definitely not working that well, and you think you’re coming down with a cold, and the fight you had with your loved one last night is still nagging at you because they left before you did this morning and you couldn’t make up even though you wanted to, and you’ve already decided this day is going to be the worst day. You cannot be consoled. That’s fine. But maybe you want to take a look at this video and then talk to me?

DO YOU FEEL BETTER, Y/Y? (Via reddit.)