The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Harrison Ford’s “Got Milk?” Ad

Uhhhh. Well, OK, let’s start at the beginning: it is already weird that there are ads for milk. Right? Are there really that many people out there who have not heard of this whole milk thing? Or, even weirder, are there people who basically knew about milk but kind of forgot and then are seeing these ads and thinking “Oh yeah, milk. I used to love that stuff!” Like, just in general, what’s up with advertising milk? But so, OK, about this ad specifically: HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA. You know what I mean? HAHAHHAHAHHAHAH. Right? Who is this ad FOR? Children are not impressed with Harrison Ford. “Honey, drink your milk.” “I don’t want to.” “Would you want to if I told you that a 79-year-old man who wears a single earring drinks milk?” “XBOX!” Basically. I guess adults like Harrison Ford, but first of all that brings us back to the whole WHY DO ADULTS NEED ADS FOR MILK THING but also the part where why is he on a beach? And also, just, what, like, thumbs tucked in your jean pockets and so lowkey and casual but then a big milk moustache smeared across your face, and you’re just like, “what?” Actually, he doesn’t look like “what?” he looks like “I’m the most confused I’ve ever been, what is this?” Good question, Harrison. WHAT IS THIS? Here’s a good joke:

What did Harrison Ford say to the milk moustache?

Caption this milk commercial! Winner will receive special placement in this week’s Monsters’ Ball, for strong bones. (via Max Silvestri.)