Surprise Twist Ending In Scary Spider Video

Videos on the internet aren’t always labeled in ways that accurately reflect their content. Kind of like what Gabe discussed last week, but in this case it’s more just about how different people can look at the same video and view it in different ways. For example, the person who posted this video, in its title, said something about this spider being “adorable.” Now, I knew it was a video of a spider and that there was basically a 0.1% chance of it ACTUALLY being adorable. Because spiders, as well as all other bugs, are the scariest and grossest things on the planet. But I watched it anyway because there wasn’t a 0% chance, it was 0.1%, and sometimes life surprises you, but only if you let it. So I watched this video and of course it is scary and not adorable at all, ugh, man it is gross, and the title of the actual clip does tell you that it is a video of a spider hiding itself, but, I really think that everyone involved in this scenario so far really missed out on the major selling point of this particular disgusting, scary spider video.

Did you watch it? There’s a spoiler in the next sentence:

IT’S NOT ON A TOWEL!!!!!! Whaaaaaaaaaat. This guy knows what I’m talking about:

I definitely thought that was a towel the entire time I was watching it! Even when it started throwing stuff over itself I thought, “How is it disappearing into that towel???!” And the spider disappearing into a towel was A LOT more impressive than a spider throwing salt or whatever onto itself. We can all cover our heads in salt when we want to hide! But we can’t all disappear into a towel. And neither can this spider. That’s the important thing to take away from this video. (Via reddit.)